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Book 1

Phe lives a dual life.

Everyone knows Phe as the sickly best friend of Her Grace, Kyra Theonora, the last Water Nymph duty bound by a familial oath to protect the island country of Xafara. Only a select group of people are aware of Phe’s shadow side. Trained by General Bastion to be an assassin and Kyra’s secret weapon.

Everything changes when Kyra is abducted, exposing Phe’s cover and acting as a catalyst to Phe’s own bound magic, thrusting Phe into a world she’d thought a fantasy.

As Phe maneuvers the unfamiliar landscape of magic, grappling with one obstacle after another, she tries to figure out how to save her best friend. Will she survive this new magical world? Will she rescue Kyra? Will she sacrifice herself in the process?

Spark is the first book in a new adult fantasy series featuring action packed scenes, compelling characters, and a strong heroine.

Cover Design by Natasha M

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When Phe receives a cryptic summons from General Bastion, she rushes to meet him and Shadow Unit, her apprehension building with each step.An apprehension that’s well-founded when she discovers that the mission is unlike anything she’s ever faced: a level thirteen target, three levels above the highest she’s ever taken on.

As unforeseen challenges arise, testing not only her skills but her mind, Phe finds herself in a perilous position. Can she pull off this mission unscathed? Or is this the one she doesn’t come back from?

The answers lie in the heart-pounding pages of “Shaken,” where secrets unravel, and danger lurks.

Shaken is an Of Fire and Shadows series short story around 14,500 words and is set between Spared & Spark, pre-Phe’s discovery of magic.



When eighteen-year-old Phe is approached by General Bastion to help take down a sex trafficking ring in Xafara, she doesn’t think about it. She just agrees. How could she not when there are lives on the line?

What she doesn’t realize is that General Bastion wants her undercover not as Phe the assassin, but as Lady Orphne, Phe’s Oceanid persona. Where assassin Phe is strong and defiant, Lady Orphne is weak and timid and quick to forget her power.

When Phe is taken to The General, the head of the criminal ring who is obsessed with Lady Orphne, she finds herself fighting two battles—one against The General and one against the ghosts and trauma of her own history. Her only hope is pushing her past aside long enough to survive and help bring down the organization from the inside.

Will this be the mission that breaks her? Will she be able to rescue those in the ring, before it’s too late?

This novella is book 0.5 in the series as it takes place six years prior to Spark and has a very different feel to it than Book One. It’s best read after Spark.

Due to adult-themed content, there are both content and trigger warnings and should be read by readers 18 or older.

Book 2

Plotting is done. I have started writing 🙂