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Of Fire and Shadows

Short Story

In response to a cryptic summons from Bastion, Phe rushes to a safe house near Faystar, apprehension intensifying with each step. This mission, unlike any before, thrusts her into a confrontation with an unexpectedly dangerous adversary.

As Phe navigates the unpredictable terrain of this assignment, unforeseen challenges test her skills and leaves her questioning herself.

In a world where trust is a fragile commodity, Phe grapples with the unspoken and confronts the unexplainable. Will she complete this mission? Will she emerge from this perilous mission unscathed? The answers lie in the heart-pounding pages of “Shaken,” where secrets unravel, and danger lurks.

Shaken is around 14,500 words and is set between Spared & Spark, pre-Phe’s discovery of magic.

Cover Design by Natasha M

Cut Scene

Book 2

Do you love the interplay between Phe and Shadow Unit and want more?

Then check out this cut scene.