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What can I say? Right now, I am recovering from a head cold, brought on by work and pressure, feelings of being overwhelmed. What love story can I uncover for you today? I will touch upon one of grief. I learned of a loss last night, a soul that no longer exists. He was kind, yet cruel, supportive and helpful, yet cranky, passionate, and toxic. 

He was ready to die, being trapped in his body, a failing body at that, and losing all his abilities to care for himself. I was told he was holding on, even though he could see his beloved sisters, Nora and Peggy, and his long-lost love, Ann. He was holding on as he thought he needed to care for his caregiver. When she finally said, its okay Mac, you don’t need to care for me, within 30 minutes he passed. Given permission to let go of his physical body and join those he loved in the ethers. 

I think this man taught me about unconditional love. He taught me that even when someone mistreats you and you chose to no longer engage in an active relationship, your love for them, as they once were doesn’t diminish, disappear, or for me, get tarnished with drama. We just took different paths, my path leading me to more joy and lightheartedness, and not down his harsher and more negative one. Different paths and yet the love is still strong. 

This man loved greatly, and I love him back just as greatly. I am grateful he is free. I am grateful he is at peace. I am grateful he has joined others he loved in whatever the next phase of existence is. For me? I am thankful for his lessons, his stories, and his presence in my life. 

I see ones passing, not as an end to existence. No, instead our spirits rise from our bodies and are met with unconditional love and acceptance, a welcoming home that doesn’t judge you or punish you. So, welcome home. I will join him soon enough and I know, in the interim, he has joined in the ranks of my guardians, protecting, whispering words of encouragement, giving me signs, laughing with me and, lets be real, at me cause I am pretty funny at times, and just overall always having my best interests at heart. 


New Hampshire

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All Love Letters’ are pristine, posted as they were received.  Please forgive any spelling and grammar issues, since the writing was done in the throes of love, and sometimes love doesn’t care about commas or misplaced letters.

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