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My gaze drifts to the window and I watch the tree branches flutter in the wind; thinking about you. Grateful. You were my very first friend, welcoming me into our home together, allowing me to follow you around, share your toys with me, laugh with me, watch over me. You gave me your baby love unconditionally, as I shared mine right back. Those branches swaying can be seen in so many different ways, today and for the past few years, I see them shaking our worlds and shedding what was no longer needed as we move through the seasons in life. 

Our history is uniquely ours. Best friends all our young lives and inseparable, each other’s rocks. Yet as we aged, our inner stories separated us, taking us down differing paths. Changing us. Your path wasn’t right for me and mine wasn’t right for you. We didn’t know how or where our two newly separated paths would take us, intertwined as we had been, and this caused us so much pain and strife. Tears and hurt. Separation and anguish. Each of us had to walk down the path we created, fall and get up, adjust, get lost, find ourselves individually… then make choices to see if our paths would somehow re-align in a way that would work for us both.

Our decade long season of separation ended, in my eyes, when we sat down and had a hard conversation. Are we going to be “sisters” in title, devoid of the friendship and closeness we had shared? Or are we going to choose to change our approaches and develop a relationship? Will we once again have our paths close, sometimes intertwined, supportive, healthy? Will we redraft our friendship into who we are now versus who we were all those years, and could it be better? I remember looking at you across the table as you thought this question out. Be our old selves or do something different? What will it be? I knew my answer.

Any change can be a challenge; yet we did it. We did it with mutual patience. Compassion that evolved between us. Communication… and I do mean communication. Our willingness to change how we talked to each other… which evolved into trusting each other again and healing wounds we carried from each other. Our communication took years of cultivating awareness, being open to and willing to hear feedback from each other, adjusting with that feedback… not because either of us needed to “change” to make our new relationship work. No, because the feedback was just that and we’d both make a choice to then understand what happened that caused this new strain and resolve it. Not ignore it. Walk away from it. We talked it out. We started to share moments of celebration, and as we cultivated this, more moments were created.  We also became shoulders to cry on for those bumps, scares, and fears our paths took us down. 

All of the laughter and tears, love and connection, fear and separation, pain and anguish… the different seasons in our distinctively beautiful lives have re-aligned us with each other again, with deliberate intention. I have such gratitude for those seasons, without them we wouldn’t have what we have now. Our relationship is truly precious.

Even though my physical path takes me away from you at times, our loving sister connection is stronger than it has ever been, and I know that our energetic paths are right next to each other. Strong, vibrant with acceptance, unconditional love, and support. My heart is full of pure love that knows wherever I am, you are too… in my heart.  Vicariously sharing my experiences, as I do yours, and holding space for each other to just be our authentic, fabulous selves. 

Those branches shift against the windows, drawing my attention back. This new season in our lives… it feels like a spring season, a season where we can walk under branches heavy with bloom, marveling at what has grown in our shared garden. We will continue to co-create our relationship with ease, communication, intention, and love… and take on all life has to bring so that we both live full, expansive, and extraordinary lives on our unique paths.  

~Krysta, New Hampshire

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