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Life is so cool, at every turn there is a new phase. Every day, we wake, we breathe, we cycle through the moments. Each day compiles… to a week, a month, a year, a decade….

Within each of those cycles, each compounded moment of our lives, we can look for themes that are present, lessons we have learned, re-learned, resisted learning, and send an inquiry into our internal response to those experiences. No response is bad, it is just an avenue for learning and growth, when we choose to look at it as such.

As we approach the new year, let’s take a moment to non-judgmentally reflect on the phases we have moved through this year. Did each month have a theme? Was there a month filled with courage, where you had to stand in your truth and set a clear boundary to others? Was there a month of internal honesty, where you authentically connected with yourself on an emotional issue you were avoiding and found freedom? Was there a month of sorrow or sadness, grief at letting go the old that didn’t serve? Was there a month of welcoming in the new, of feeling joy and expansion? Or was there a month where you fell deeply and madly in love with yourself?

What have you learned from this years life phases? Within that context, can you love all aspects of your self as you traveled through those cycles of transformation and regeneration?

How can you build, re-shape, and expand yourself in the most joyful and loving way for this new year? This new cycle…

Being marvelous and being brave means you’re willing to believe in the wonder of who you are and take the risks you need to take to Bloom Breathe BE Be authentically YOU Break the mold Expand Evolve Flourish Grow Heal Fail Learn Live Thrive Transform Triumph Trust Succeed .