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Too many times to count people have asked how to change? How does one change from habits that don’t serve them, like smoking? Or beliefs that hurt them, like (whether aware of them fully or not) believing they are worthless. In addition, many want to feel that change to happen immediately, as in yesterday.

The thing is, change is almost never without discomfort and takes time. Imagine your mental changes as if each change is a plant seed being planted in the garden of your mind. Each separate seed will grow within its own timeframe, as long as it’s given nutrients, the space, and light to grow.

Seeds can be a single word; ease, grace, abundance. They can be simple statements such as; I can do anything, I am lovable, my body is healthy, I can quit smoking.

Keep reminding yourself of these seeds and keep forgetting about them. Dance playfully in your inner awareness. When you remember them, imagine you are watering them some how. With a watering can, a hose, or is it pouring in your inner world for a moment, saturating your garden?

Give them time to grow.

Today, you have the choice to plant seeds of patience, compassion, and love.

What seed will you plant today, in your mind or others?