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It officially started 7 years ago right before Halloween, but in reality, years before that…

My husband and I would see each other around our small little town – I walking my cow like dog, and he walking back from the gym with his awesome long hair!

Our story goes like this…

I lived above a barber, who was very protective of me. I was getting new windows put into my apartment. My father had just gone up minutes before to return my pup from Grampy day care, and the man that was going to become my husband 7 years later was pacing outside the barber shop, debating whether or not to cut off his beautiful head of hair! He saw me, he said hello, and since I feared my father walking out of my apartment any minute, I rushed the conversation!

That sent me on a wild goose chase, even asking my barber friend who he was…. I found out he worked at the local lumber yard, so I worked up the courage to go in and find him… No luck. Turns out he was off on Monday’s, and I was in the wrong department to begin with, but I walked out with an awesome new hammer I didn’t need!

A few weeks go by, and as if fate (we have never seen each other before, or since at Starbucks and he frequented that establishment every day) planted us there together, we were in line (he right behind me) at Starbuck’s and so began conversation part 2.

We began our introductions again with a little small talk and we left.

Later that day, I happened to check my mailbox (mind you I never got my mail delivered to my apartment because the mailman could never figure it out, so I rarely checked it), but as fate would have it again, I checked it. I found a ‘love/interest” letter, with a phone number. Again, I became brave and gave him a text. We chatted, we texted all night, but fate wouldn’t quite put us on the same page yet.

He happened to have a date with someone and felt it appropriate to give his undivided attention to her…FAIR, but I was devastated! I had no clue why…I didn’t really know him, but my sister in law took me out to a girls’ night out event and we pampered the pain away.

A week later, I received a text from him, he apologized, said he couldn’t stop thinking about me all week, and asked me out on a date.

Nervous as I was, I said yes.

He picked me up in his ‘78 Bronco – opened the door for me, took me out for a drink which led into dinner and we closed the restaurant down. He drove me home and we continued the conversation for the next 2 hours at my place. I had my cousin’s wedding the next day, which had so much drama surrounding it that he even offered to come rescue me if I needed it. Here, a man I barely knew, had offered to be my knight in shining armor! We ended the night with a kiss, and I knew right there that it was my last first kiss.

Our second date was his birthday, our third date was breakfast for dinner – this was in November! December 19th we said “I love you” and the rest is history!

Our wedding was August 18, 2018!

We were surrounded by family and friends that showered us with love. I can’t even begin to describe that day filled with love and excitement; I had never been so sure of a decision in my life. The photographer and videographer captured our love so well. We were on the dance floor the entire night!

To this day, it blows my mind how much we love each other even more. I always thought it was cliché, but yup guys, it’s true. We just want to be with each other ALL. THE. TIME. We lift each other up, we support each other, we laugh together, we play together, we are best friends. He is a whole person, I am a whole person, and we show up for each other 100%. The tough times don’t seem so tough, and the good times are showered with love. I love this man and he loves me! I’m so grateful to have found this man, to have a life with him, to grow old with him, to enjoy life’s adventures with him. Cheers!

~Lisa, New York

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