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All of us have a resonance, a vibration, that we emit; our own unique and beautiful soul songs. Those songs are meant to guide us, to steer us in the direction only we are meant to take. Our whole being vibrates happily, moving in alignment with our melodies, until we encounter a situation that causes pause.  There are times when our songs are not liked, are turned away from, or even perhaps some played with our songs for a while then decided they weren’t for them… and we are left wondering, what about soul songs didn’t resonate?

It’s like a musician going to venue to venue, offering to play their tunes. In the beginning, they didn’t know how many different types of music options there were and didn’t realize their music was not in alignment with the others. If their song was country style and they tried to play at a heavy metal venue, the door may have closed in their face. Or, perhaps they were more in alignment with their songs, but the slight nuances of their melodies was just not the right fit and after an audition or two, they were not called back.

Rejection has its own part in each of our soul harmonies, the pain we experience we interweave into our beats, changing our rhythms, our lyrics. Yet as we refine our songs, we find that less doors close because we know where to go with our tunes and where we are not in alignment. The key here, is what lyrics have you taken on with your songs, are they lifting or weighing you down?

Every rejection offers an opportunity for more inner soul song refinements. Every rejection is just your soul song being directed to your particular stage to sing from.

Every rejection is just a course correction to your destiny.

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