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When we first start tuning back into our own songs, it may feel confusing and overwhelming. What is mine, and what came from elsewhere and from whom? How can I remove old pieces when they have shaped everything that I am now? We feel like we “should” know how to manage this, know what we are feeling, know where this is going…yet we don’t.

It’s as if all of a sudden, all of the songs we have ever sung to ourselves are blaring loudly and nonsensically at us. We can’t figure out what’s what, and we just want to shut them all down and numb out in silence. In distraction. In something that may feel familiar when our inner worlds feel like battlefields of unknowns.

Trust that if you ride the waves of discomfort, if you sing those songs of pain, anguish, fear, and doubt to someone to help you shift through them, to help you make sense of them, this can help shift the fear of the unknown to the acceptance that not knowing is a gift in itself. Trust in your heart, your songs, and your own individual journey.