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I was wandering around a psychic fair; an amazing scarf hoodie with bright pink unicorn print vibrantly standing out was wrapped around my neck and head, slightly dropping into my face my face. I hadn’t purchased the scarf, instead I was enjoying its softness and warmth and grateful that my BFF, who was selling it, allowed me to trounce around with it. It was a fantastic conversation piece and I mingled my way through the tables, chatting it up with the vendors. 

I drifted into a conversation with Rebecca and her words, her encouragement, helped propel me forward.

We covered a lot of topics, from dreams and hopes to what we both currently were doing. She was at the fair because she is an energy healer, using the Emotion Code (to learn more about it check out her website, a technique I had heard of but never tried before, to help others. 

Eventually, our conversation zeroed in on my current goal of creating a 4 hour work week. To almost all others, when I mention this, they give me an incredulous look and lots of speculation.  Rebecca? Nope, she encouraged me to take a look at what I already have in my life and how easy, with some focus, it could be to create that. She helped me lift barriers that I held in place keeping me in the thinking phase of this to get into an action phase. 

I walked away from my conversation with Rebecca uplifted, inspired, thoughtful, and with a feeling of support.

Over the next few weeks, I found myself reaching out to her and chatting. We arranged a chat were she totally dumped so much information into my lap about how to utilize platforms and other social media, that I have avoided for most of my life, and continued to encourage me to look at how I could move forward with creating my goal. 

She asked for nothing back, nothing. I questioned her, asking if there was someway I could pay or compensate her for her support, and she had said no. Her reasoning, it bothered her that someone would encourage another to move forward with an idea yet disappear when they could help or ask for money to do so. Wow….  her sense on integrity so strong, her intentions pure. 

I have called her up when the pressure from work has affected me, asking for help with clearing my energy and moving me out of the space of fear, anxiety, panic, and into the one of calm, inner connectedness, clarity. Every time I have asked, she has stepped up and gone above and beyond, being available to chat and process something to just helpful inspiring words. What a blessing that is! 

I am filled with gratitude and love for her and I wanted to share. Rebecca, for me is love in motion. She is spreading love by being herself and following her own sense of integrity and moral system. She is inspiring others to move forward into their dreams, into the positive aspects of themselves, and working with them to release such things that might be holding them back. She, to me, is a gift to the world. Thank you Rebecca, from my heart space to yours. 

New Hampshire

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All Love Letters’ are pristine, posted as they were received.  Please forgive any spelling and grammar issues, since the writing was done in the throes of love, and sometimes love doesn’t care about commas or misplaced letters.

Being marvelous and being brave means you’re willing to believe in the wonder of who you are and take the risks you need to take to Bloom Breathe BE Be authentically YOU Break the mold Expand Evolve Flourish Grow Heal Fail Learn Live Thrive Transform Triumph Trust Succeed .