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I returned to my parked car and found this note on the windshield. I had not noticed the dent on the right side, nor was I actually looking for anything to be amiss with my car. Yet there was and this Anthony fellow was kind and loving enough to leave a note behind apologizing and providing his contact information. 

I called him and he was SOOOOO nice. Very apologetic for this even happening and said he had worried that with the rain storm we had the note might not hold up. Insurance squared away easily and efficiently within days of it. BAM! 

Anthony may not have considered this a loving act, I do. He stood by his own morals in such a kind, compassionate way, and resolved to take responsibility for unintended damage. There have been other times in my life that others have done the same to my car and just left. I am grateful. I am appreciative. I see this as a loving act, not just to another human, but also to himself and wanted to share this stranger tale. I just love stranger acts of kindness and love. 


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All Love Letters’ are pristine, posted as they were received.  Please forgive any spelling and grammar issues, since the writing was done in the throes of love, and sometimes love doesn’t care about commas or misplaced letters.