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We are a few days into the New year; have you celebrated the awesomeness of being you?

Since we are on a new transformative journey I encourage one of the first things you do this year is to celebrate yourself in all your imperfect beauty. Your wonderful uniqueness. Celebrate your strengths and your weakness. Celebrate your pasts, the hurts and the triumphs, all that has shaped you into who you are today. There is nothing good or bad about you. Embrace it all.

I have met so many people who have stopped playing and celebrating themselves. Choosing instead to live under harsher inner climates of self-loathing and judgment. Their joy has been stolen by their thought processes.

Lets not fight the thought process today – lets just chose to celebrate you for at least an hour, if not more. Will it be going to a craft store and getting some supplies, then going home and creating? A walk outside? A private dance party just you and your music? Or will you invite some friends, where you can all celebrate each other?

Each of us are a snowflake drifting in a blizzard, all of us are different in our own beautiful way. Celebrate that, take a stand for that, and love who you are.

Dance with your love song; this can be one of those subtle New Years shifts…

Being marvelous and being brave means you’re willing to believe in the wonder of who you are and take the risks you need to take to Bloom Breathe BE Be authentically YOU Break the mold Expand Evolve Flourish Grow Heal Fail Learn Live Thrive Transform Triumph Trust Succeed .