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We tell ourselves stories in order to live and finding meaning within our lives. We tell our selves stories in order to attempt to understand the feelings we have and the experiences we’ve lived, and we use stories to craft a framework of how we believe we “should” live. We tell ourselves stories about what it looks like to be safe, what it looks like to be kind and to do the right thing, what it looks like to receive love, to be loved, and even to determine if we are lovable at all. We sing to ourselves stories, our stories, in order for us to live.

What stories do you sing to yourself? What lyrics are you choosing and what lenses are you looking through? What story are you telling yourself in order to live? Could that story be shifted to a new octave or make use of a fresher lens so that it, your soul song, can be heard and lived more expansively? @Krystamaravilla