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In a previous Maravilla posting, “Finding Love: Searching (A man’s perspective),” I wrote for “long periods … I felt lost during my search for love, until I realized that before you can find love, you need to know what love is.” (posted 5/26/2019)

Other sites are online purporting to focus on love, so I decided to surf the net and find out why Maravilla Love is different. Why should it even exist? To my surprise, I found that the preponderance of other sites are obsessed with connecting people, usually strangers, with other people in the hit-or-miss game of looking for love. Most of the time these people don’t even know what love is.

Maravilla Love is focusing on sharing experiences where people have found love. The underlying and subtle theme is that people experience love every day, and they should recognize the love they feel and get used to sharing their love in whatever form they can. 

The moral being that the more you experience love, any love, from love of a pet (my pet is in this attached picture) to love of the infinite, the more you can learn how to love, and the more you learn about love, the better able you are to find love.

In essence, people’s search for love is backwards. Doesn’t it make more sense to find out what love is, share it, and then look for more, rather than thrashing about blindly learning as you go? It seems logical to me, but I found love the old fashioned (and very painful) way, so any way you find love works, as long as you find the love that you were searching for.

So, answering my original question, Maravilla Love has a unique place on the internet, but is a small voice in the plethora of shouts in our society. This effort will need to be nourished to allow it to flourish in this world of division and lack of trust, but maybe if we all share our love, we can make the world better.

~Andrew, New Hampshire

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All Love Letters’ are pristine, posted as they were received.  Please forgive any spelling and grammar issues, since the writing was done in the throes of love, and sometimes love doesn’t care about commas or misplaced letters.

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